What is a septic system?

A septic system is a self-contained, underground wastewater treatment system consisting of the septic tank and a soil absorption field. It treats and disposes of unwanted wastewater and solids from a buildings plumbing system.
A Level 1 Onsite Limited Visual Septic Inspection includes an assessment of each observed component of the system, in addition to a concluding opinion about its condition.

What is involved?

A Septic System Inspection is a fee-based service that can be offered as an individual inspection or as part of your home inspection. It is not an insurance policy, guarantee, or warranty that the system will function properly for any period of time in the future, nor is it a certification of the system’s installation or current performance.
Similar to a home inspection it is a visual, non-invasive examination. If a septic inspection has been requested, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure all hatches to the treatment tank are visible and accessible. From there I will perform a visual inspection of the entire bed and mantle of the septic field. All of the visible components of the septic tank are inspected for their structural integrity.
At the end of the inspection, all findings are documented in a report provided directly to you within 24 hours.