WETT Inspections

WETT certified inspections are often required by home insurance companies when a property being insured has a wood-burning appliance, such as a wood stove or fireplace. The certified inspector will ascertain if the installation was carried out safely and in compliance with all fire and building code regulations. If these are met Angel Eye will issue you with a WETT Inspection Report which you can provide to your insurance company for your protection.

What is involved in a Level 1 SITE Basic Inspection?

SITE is a set of standardized guidelines and procedures that are Recommended by WETT for the inspection and/or evaluation of wood-burning systems. SITE outlines three levels of inspection.

Level 1 Inspection – “Readily Accessible” Readily Accessible can be described as quickly or easily reached for inspection. It would not require the use of special tools for opening or the removal of any panel, door or other covering. An initial basic inspection includes the visual examination of smoke chambers, fireboxes, dampers, chimneys, chimney liners, hearths and clearances, including distances from combustibles for a wood stove and flue stove vent pipes.
An inspector will be able to help you assess what level is required based on your needs. For most insurance and real estate inspections a Level 1 is sufficient.